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I have decided to invite guest bloggers to post some lovely works here every month and I take pride in introducing you to my first guest blogger, Gloria!


WHEEL by Gloria

Literary Doodles



What civilizations froze that fated day,
a thousand miles of thought away,
when the wheel turned on the doomed creature
whose life sang of the god mentality?

I watched through the window as the people ran
from their homes screaming for blood
to wash away their sorrows and flood
their minds with something greater
than righteous grief – so brief
was the chaos that when I blinked,
serenity had returned to the world.

Blood will have blood, but who was it
that remembered the butterfly eons after
the philosophers told them that
there were more pressing matters to attend
to but all they really did was pretend
that life would go on?

I still see that Daphne with wings of light
and hope she never fades from sight
and one day when the wheel stops turning
on its axis, I’ll tend to her wounds because
I’ve got a pair of wings that just don’t fly.



She sat in the bus, covered in her black robe, a scarf draped over her head in the most Islamic fashion; in her hand was the copy of the Noble Quran.
As I sat opposite her and waited for my destination to arrive, she sat still and cross-legged on her own seat, her slippers under her seat. Huddled up in that comfortable position, leaning against the window, she was in her own spiritual world, away from the hustles of commuting.

Her long fingers, with nicely done nails and a loving wedding band, traced the Arabic verses as lightly as they could, her kohl-filled eyes ran faster and read every verse there was. Her lips moved fervently, reciting the verses her eyes were yet to read and her fingers yet to touch; her mind remembered, recalled and re-read the calligraphic words she lived by.

Every so often would she wipe her face and the gem-studded nose with her hand; there was pain in her eyes for a history she had known long enough to be able to feel…

After a while she closed the book, kissed its cover and touched it to her head. She pulled out, from between the olds of her robe, a velvety red cloth which had on Arabic words threaded in gold. She carefully wrapped the book into it and then in a small pouch she carried.

The words still resounding in her head and aching in her heart made her uneasy and she turned towards the window and hid her face. She might have held back a tear or two…
Her lips repeated over and over again a single inaudible verse and she closed her eyes, waiting for her destination to arrive.


When I saw you sitting in the library your honey-brown hair covered your face and a single curl bounced in front of your face as you immersed yourself into the world of Erich Segal; Love Story was the book you were reading at the time. Your glasses, just like right now, were placed on the tip of your nose and you smiled. You held the book exactly like you’re holding me right now, in your arms, close to your heart; and you didn’t skip a single word, because every single one of it was important to you, it shaped your world like you shape mine.

You are to me what Darcy was to you, a character lost in the pages of an old classic, the most perfect one can be; every time someone takes your name, my heart skips a beat and a little part of me shatters knowing that our worlds are far apart and if you are meant for the breeze, I’m but a part of the sturdy tree that you caress.

I know you are reading me right now; your eyes are running all over me and your fingers touching me every now and then… I like this feeling. I like it when you lock the world out and come decide to spend your time with me in your favourite armchair or in a café, just the two of us.

You’ve fallen in love with so many protagonists and antagonists; you have travelled worlds and experienced what many didn’t. You have mourned the death of the characters you considered best friends, like you did Dobby, and you have rejoiced the victories of warriors who were your brothers – Peter and Edmund. You have been parts of magical quests with Oz and Percy, and you have been as naughty as you could be when you had Christian Grey in your arms.

Now, I tell you this, I am not a hero or a wizard, neither a warrior, nor a rich-something. I am just an average read, hopelessly in love with its reader. And I will come back again and let you hold me, and smell me when I’m older; I’ll let you run your fingers through me again and let you read. I will fall in love with you each time you hold me to your heart and read me. It’s a promise.


I would appreciate, if
you would let your tongues run naked,
on the words of a tongue unheard,

I would rather,
you tame your tongue,
and not let it loose like a big wild bird,

Taste the honey
that rolls of another’s,
and spit the acid that rolls off your own

I would appreciate, if
your words were heavy with wine,
and we let our tongues dance together
for a while…

Come let’s dance,
it’s raining outside…


Every touch, every smile,
every move so coy,
every laugh, every kiss,
I was hunting down a boy…

I was hunting down the hunter,
who was of my own heart,
I was hinting, ‘I’m the prey’,
but I was hunting from the start,

I played with his matted hair,
a tangled web of lust,
and let our tongues dance together,
until the first of thrusts

I draw him in;
he pulls me close,
and some secrets we disclose,

We are in love…

The hunter fell for the prey,
and the prey was still unsure,
who was the hunter now,
and who would now injure?

With every touch, and every smile,
and every move so coy,
and every laugh, and every kiss,
I was hunting down the boy

I was hunting down the boy,
who kissed me and hunt me down,
I was hunting down the hunter,
in whose love I would now drown…


I envied his ability to just forget things so easily. He stood in front of me and asked me what it was that he had exactly said to me last night and I just sat on the couch, still amazed at how could he forget his own words in less than four hours. ‘Come on, don’t be silly! You know how bad my memory is…’ I just nodded and pulled my knees closer to my chest.

‘Aliana, please…’ He squatted in front of me and held my hands, forcing me to let go of the cushion. I let him. He constantly stared at me, waiting for me to say something. I kept looking away from him, outside the window. The weather was beautiful, it was drizzling and cold. ‘Aliana, look, I’m sorry for whatever I might have said. You know I don’t mean the stuff I say when I’m angry!’

‘You weren’t angry.’ I managed to say. ‘You were so calm, saying exactly what you were feeling at the moment. Oliver, I don’t want to be a burden on you. I love you, I really do, but if you detest even the thought of me, I can’t help that. I have tried so much, you know it. And I’m sorry; I don’t want to be happy anymore. It hurts more than it did when I was sad.’ I was sobbing hard by now and he was sitting there helpless, trying to make me feel better.

I pushed him away and walked over the window, looking out at the rain that now fell harder. I opened the window and let the cool wind along with a few drops fall on my body that had heated up. I was burning in fever. I hadn’t slept in days. Since Oliver had come over to meet me a week ago, we had spent nights lying awake in the bed and talking about absolutely nothing in particular and yet covered every topic there was under the sun!

I had known him for an eternity now. Oliver was my best friend! We had fought, played, studied, eaten, slept and did whatever there was to be done together! It was a long time ago that I fell in love with this maniac and he was too scared to love me for the emotional baggage I was and never confided in me his true feelings. He had hurt me often, like he did last night, trying to make sure I didn’t fall for him and I had taken all the blows and still managed to love him a little more with every passing day.

He walked over to where I stood and wrapping his arms around my waist, placed his chin on my shoulder before kissing my cheek. ‘Allie, you know I love you. Please tell me what I did wrong?’ I swallowed a lump that had formed in my throat and ignored his pleas. I wanted him to let me go; I wanted to sleep, but I stood there in his arms for as long as he held me.

‘Aliana, please, stop this now. Let’s go eat something?’ He turned me around so I faced him. My eyes were swollen and I hung my head low, not able to look him in the eye for the fear of ending up as a crying mess once again. He was holding me at the waist now. After pulling me in closer, he lifted my head up by placing his finger under my chin. I looked up at him, tears stinging the corners of my eyes again. ‘Okay,’ I whispered and together we walked into the kitchen.

He did all the work today, like he did whenever I was upset or mad at him. As I remembered all the good times we had had together, a glass of chocolate milk and a sandwich sat in front of me. That is all he knew how to make – sandwich. I quietly ate as did he and later he washed the dishes without asking. I was feeling much better now and decided I’d talk to him. ‘Oliver…’ I said when he was done.

He smiled and looked at me, pleased at the thought that I was talking again. ‘Allie…’ He walked over to where I sat and hugged me. I hugged him back, a tight squeeze like the one I had given him on the day he had come to see me after ages. ‘Can I get a kiss?’ he asked cheekily and I planted one on his cheek and grinned. ‘I’m sorry.’ He said again. ‘Will you tell me what I said to you last night?’ I shook my head, still grinning and raised my arms up, a signal that he should pick me up in his arms. He did.

‘I want to sleep…’ I told him. ‘I haven’t slept all night…’ He took me to the bed and lay me down. I pulled him down with me. ‘Don’t go, please.’ I told him. ‘Okay,’ he said and lay down beside me. ‘Let me get you some medicine at least…’ he said. I shook my head, ‘You be my medicine! Sleep with me…’ I laughed a little, he called me an idiot and cuddled me in his arms until I fell asleep.

When I woke up, it was way past sunset. My temperature was normal now and Oliver sat by my side playing Candy Crush on his mobile. I repeated what I had told him last night, ‘Sometimes I feel so tired; I feel like going to bed and never waking up…’ He looked at me and put aside his phone. With his fingers lightly massaging my scalp and the other hand caressing my cheek he said, ‘I know, I’m sorry… I’m sure you get tired of taking my nonsense all day long…’

I smiled. We were gazing into each other’s eyes now. ‘I’m sure you get tired of my mood swings too,’ I whispered. He nodded and we both laughed. ‘Shameless, you…’ I said. ‘Shameless, me…’ He repeated. His hand now cupped my cheek and his face came closer to mine. ‘Will you kiss me now?’ I asked quietly. He nodded and leaned in closer to kiss my lips. I let him. After a minute or so, he lied down beside me. We lay there in silence for a while before I spoke again.

‘You’ve wanted to do this for a while, haven’t you?’ I asked, smiling. He nodded and then cleared his throat before uttering a shy, quiet ‘Yes,’ I smiled as tears ran down my eyes. ‘I love you, Oliver, I really do.’ I told him. ‘I love you too, Allie…’ he said. ‘You know what you told me last night wasn’t a very nice thing…’ I said calmly. I had his full attention now; propped up on one elbow, facing me now, he was waiting for me to say something more.

‘After I told you that I was tired and would like to sleep and never wake up…’ he nodded, ‘You said, why don’t such people just die?’ after a pause, I continued. ‘And then you turned away from me, not saying a word. You just ignored me; I called out to you so many times…’ ‘I remember that part,’ he said shamefully. ‘I’m sorry…’

I turned over to look at him now. ‘And when you didn’t remember your words this morning… I wished that you would forget me… Forever… I didn’t want to bother you again.’ I saw his face turn pale. ‘Why would you do something like that?’ he said. I didn’t say anything. He took my hand into his and placed it on his chest. ‘You are my best friend, alright, but I love you. I have always loved you.’

‘Can you forget me now?’ I asked, aware that this might hurt him. ‘Never,’ he replied. I can forget the things I’ve said to you, the things you’ve said to me, the times we’ve spent together… But I can never forget you, and the feelings I have for you, and the way you make me feel… Ever…’ With this he leaned in to kiss me once again, and this time I kissed him back. ‘Promise me you’ll never leave me, Oliver…’ I said to him. ‘I can’t promise you that.’ He said bluntly. I did not react, although on the inside it seemed like each one of my cells was being wrung out by a monster in anger. ‘Then promise me you’ll never forget me…’ I told him. ‘Never in a million years,’ he said and smiled.