It’s been a while since we spoke, hasn’t it? Almost a year, I believe. You had made me all the sweet promises of lasting forever, and then you just went away, slipped away and disappeared into nothing, vanishing like the mist in the air. Yes, you were misty, with all the secrets you kept from me and all the lies you made me believe; once you disappeared, I saw clearly, and frankly I didn’t like what I saw. The pretty image of this wonderful boy was nothing but a dream and a dream that could never be achieved. You were a dream; every moment spent with you was dream-like and so perfect, I should’ve known, it was not meant to last! But that is past…

Now, sometimes I miss seeing you around, but then I think to myself that it’s for the best that I don’t see your lovely face thrice a week. It makes me weak, when I remember how you used to hold me at my waist from behind and kiss me on my neck; the times you whispered sweet nothings and confessed to me your naughty thoughts, complimenting me, completing me. But it wasn’t meant to be, and that’s perfectly alright for perfection doesn’t last, and although you are my past, you were perfect.

I still remember the times we got too close; they still make me blush and smile. You were always so careful with me; I was your princess, a glass doll. Your touches were soft, your kisses, so gentle, yet strong. You were wonderful; you are wonderful. But you are not mine. And over a glass of wine, if you ever happen to talk to me, and if we do get as close, I’ll hold you and whisper, ‘don’t worry, it’s just us…’


A day will come when the fire will rekindle itself and don’t you worry, it will not harm you in any way, just keep you warm and cozy. That’ll be the day the two of you meet again, when you look each other in the eyes and feel what you had missed for so long. A day will come, when you’ll both hold hands, kiss again, and be the epitome of love. I’m waiting for that day; don’t disappoint me.


There once was an angel
with no halo or wings,
but that angel was upset
with many people and things

For the people who loved him
held him fast in a golden cage,
and the cage, all alone,
he’s suffocated by his own rage…

He needed air,
but air was all he had;
he wanted to break free from
even his mother, her love, and dad!

He gathered courage
and left the cage that was of love;
the peaceful beauty that he was,
he soared higher than the doves…

The angel was free,
and now his wings did grow;
he created a world much happier,
leaving back each worry and woe

His love did find him again,
and his passions were re-lived;
the angel did survive
and in every sense of it, he thrived…

There once was an angel
who craved freedom more
than his breath and beating heart combined
and he fought,
and he fought,
and he lived;
now his story will unwind…


There are elaborate procedures that people today follow in order to coin words, terms and concepts. However, this was not the case a few centuries ago. We know of so many words that we use on a daily basis that were pure creations of some famous writer; we may not be aware of them, but we use them nonetheless. Shakespeare and Roald Dahl, for example, have coined the words like drug, scrumdelicious, hurry, and puke. Yes, we’re still using Shakespearian English!

These authors and playwrights came up with their own words just to be able to express themselves with ease, because, we all know, sometimes words just aren’t enough… When there are no words that can express your feelings and writing is the only means to express yourself, what do you do? You make your own words, of course!

We have all played ‘Contractions’, consciously or unconsciously, a game where me merge words together and form new words, and sometimes these words became so popular that based on their usage, they were added to the dictionary or had products named after them! ‘Never the less’ turned to ‘nevertheless’, ‘Pass word’ became ‘password’, and who hasn’t heard of ‘Snapple’?

Slips of tongue or just a corny conversation with a friend can often lead to creations of new words which often are used as inside jokes; but one word in many turns out to be a powerful one. It has the power to describe what you couldn’t put together without using many words and sounding like a dictionary, and in the process killing the mood of the conversation.

One such word that a close friend of mine came up with was ‘Comfortability’, which I have decided to make a regular use of in my vocabulary now onwards. The context he used it in was very clear and it took me barely a few minutes to structure a definition that defined the feeling just fine. After consulting him on the matter, and when we both agreed, I submitted the definition to Urban Dictionary and am waiting for the process to get by. Let me, however, present to you our definition of the word that I’ve used innumerable times in the past 24 hours!

n. Comfortability (-ies)/Kamfōrṭabiliṭī/ 1) The capacity of an individual to carry out a task without putting in much effort; 2) The ability of an individual to carry out a task without stepping out of his/her comfort zone.

Etymology: Comfort (English) + Ablete (Old French)

Example: Do the work as per your comfortability, I can wait.

When conversations coin concepts like Comfortability, it makes one think if words are really all there are to expression, and if a word doesn’t exist for the feeling trapped within us what needs to be done. I think the answer is that we all just need to create words as per our own comfortabilities, because expressions aren’t meant to be confined to the use of a dictionary!


We were supposed be together this Eid,
we were supposed to bear the weather;
we were to stand hand in hand,
and celebrate us together…

The blessed month has gone by,
and I haven’t seen your face,
I see you reflect in the crescent moon,
and my heart beats at a pace,

This was to be a special day,
but now that you have turned away,
I seek my love from Him, above,
and for you all I do is pray…

Eid Mubarak, my love!
Eid Mubarak, my life!
It’s still a beautiful day,
if we decide not to strife…